Tell Me About Yourself

If anything, this must be the worst question I have ever had to encounter as an introvert, but no one would believe that I am one, given that my social media platform has gained traction for quite a while now and so the world assumes I am social. Half the time I lack talking points while on the other hand, I prefer getting lost in my thoughts, visualizing them… ‘she’ is always aloof. Why? Well, I don’t appreciate being in touch with reality since our world is so painful to look at and be a part of, I am talking about the greed for power, money, acknowledgement etc. Then why not survive on a fantasy and focus on not being wiped out and turning into a memory?

I am a 21 year old artist (Wild_Child) from the capital, Nairobi, Kenya. Well, some would prefer the term creative but I wouldn’t want to be labelled since my art is all that matters than who I am. It’s more about the impact and inspiration that follows my craft that makes me want to be acknowledged as an artist. I however categorize my art to be experimental since I learn and discover new things almost everyday. What I do? Sometimes I don’t even know ha! But I could say that I am an aspiring creative director set out to make you trip balls over the simple things in life that are regularly ignored.

My collective, though not official, try to address our daily lives by simply envisioning various series according to a specific theme, be it duality, gender fluidity, contrast etc and try to tell a visual narrative through images and hopefully into short films much later. But that’s the artist, that’s not who I am.

Hi! I am Alexis Nereah and I am struggling not to disappear 🙂


Photography + Make Up : Nyokabi Mwaura

Accessories : Indigene

Muse : Randy Gowon + Alexis Nereah