2015. The year of change.

In 2014, we launched Baobab Media Ltd. My late wife and I began this venture as a part of our passion for travel and exploration. As I begin this year anew, i find it very important to keep this station moving and hop on to a train that will take me to the most magnificent locations out there.

This year, as we began drawing closer and closer to the launch of our first publication in April, we are pleased to announce the re-initialization of our blog and travel information hub for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The latter two still to be fully implemented.

Till then, here’s our first post.

Our adventure starts in the Rift Valley. A Trip that most Kenyans would have taken by now, in one form or another.

As we drive along the Nairobi – Nakuru highway and leave the confines of the Nairobi viscinity, our first encounter is with the Rift Valley Viewpoint.

From this juncture, you get to see a vast landscape showcasing the Valley in it’s awesomeness, and in the valley, the primary scene depicts the great Mount Longonot. We’ll leave you with this scenescape for now.

Baobab Media Ltd. Rift Valley Travel0006

Mount Longonot as seen from the second Rift Valley Viewpoint.