Meet the Team

Baobab media Ltd is a Digital Media house located in East Africa. We have a mobile office that moves country to country with a skeleton crew of four.

We hope to help initiate the growth of a new age in Media, not constrained by the limitations of traditional systems, providing news, views and colourful opinions from around our region.

Meet the team:

Felixie Laurens

I’m a creative who indulges in exploring the African culture by using my creative skills to express it to the world. I believe the African culture has a lot to offer to the world and has yet to be exploited to its full capacity. Driven by the vision to create better solutions to market the African culture, I have been traveling various Kenyan destinations capturing great content for the masses. Along the way I stop off to meet and interview a select handful of the most exciting emerging and mid-career artists and designers, who I believe are defining the visual arts scene of their homelands. The aim is to understand how our environment intrinsically impacts the creative process and lifestyle; to know how geographical location, climate, social structures and proximity to nature plays its part in the way we as artists, live and work.

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