Big on film photography and just recently getting to share his visual art on apparels, Magati Maosa will get your head spinning once he welcomes you into his world. We get to discuss his connection with nature and how it influences his work and aesthetic, thoughts on concept theft and more.

1. Wild Intro 

I am Magati Maosa, a 21 year old visual artist from Ongata Rongai, Central Kajiado.
I really love using the old Kodak Film camera that Ma’ used to have and only allowed us to use it at family gatherings or when my cousins asked me to take pictures of them. Three years ago, was when I realised that photography was diverse. My friend and fellow photographer, Patricia Karimi, encouraged me to push my interests and it helped better my photographic skill that is being able to compose, structure and produce work.

 2. Describe your aesthetic and what inspires it 
I love exploring emotion. Adding life to a still image gives a totally different look to my work. Minimalism, is a style I enjoy along side portraiture, fashion & lifestlye photography.
I am also inspired by modern Africa. The free-thinking society allows what is considered ‘weird’ as normal. Being different allows us to identify as the select few and show the world who we are.
3. What is photography to you and do you recall the first image you took? 
Photography is a release, a way I show the audience my vision, my story.
The first image I took, was at a Blankets and Wine Concert, trying to get a picture of “Just A Band” performing. Honestly, I had no clue my settings were alright but I was ready to see what would come of it.
4. How has social media influenced your growth?
Social media has been a huge opening platform for me. It has shown that the world is listening. I’ve been able to meet people with common interests and made friends and colleagues as well.
Thoughts on photo credits and theft of content 
Appreciation of work is good as it shows respect to the artist. Content theft sucks! People need to consider themselves professionals and prove this with their work. I don’t mind being an inspiration to someone but it seems less appreciative to ‘take someones work’. Be true to yourself.
5. Analogue or digital photography and why? 
 I enjoy both. Analogue photography encourages me to compose more before pressing that shutter. It takes a lot before being able to settle on composing but it’s me to think out-of-the-box. I also like how time and mood is created with film. Digital phography has better advantages and allows one to actually get the images there and then and also explore wider in different photography styles. Digital Photography is a stepping stone and is more accessible now as compared to analogue.
6. Do you think in single images or stories? 

Series allow people to show ‘their side’ of a story line. It’s like a journey and one’s goal would be to captivate your audience till the end.

 How has this helped you in concept creation? 
It allows me to deliver my idea as well as being able to know whom I’m speaking to.
7.What is your relationship with nature and how does it inspire your work? 
Trees are too cool. (Let’s plant more!)
I love working outdoors as there is a mood that is set when working with nature. I often try to work around tones and color with my images to add character. We all connect more with how everything is set in the world. The envionment is an art piece that we should be a part of.
8. Do you express yourself through other mediums? 
Yes! I am a digital artist and consider my style Pop Art. My canvas has been my computer screen but I recently started doing my prints on apparel. I beleive art can be worn and I would love to share my illustrations.
Will you release more products soon? 
Yes, of course. I’m trying to do more art pieces and exploring more with some doodles to make #magoillustrates move past a memory. Tune in to see more coming your way.
9. What have you learnt about yourself through your work? 
Not to fear expressing oneself, being true to myself and showing people that I’m gifted and it is essential to share this gift.
What are you currently working on? 
I’m trying to work more on my art, consistency and practice which really shows improvment and I hope with time I’ll better my yesterday.
10. Wild Outro (advice)
Make worth your work and prove to people that your voice is meant to be heard. Follow your passion and always show gratitude no matter the situation. Drink water too.