Images courtesy of Antonia + Alexis Nereah

How to sell on Jumia Market

Today, I am going to take a turn and give you a few tips on how to set up shop on the Jumia market platform and quickly get your online business going.

Side note : For any new interested shop owner I recommend gets a grace period from commission. Now that I have your attention, let me break down what Jumia Market is.

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Jumia Market an online shopping platform that provides personalized shopping experience and thrives on community participation. It’s almost like Instagram of e-commerce. You can discover and buy inspiring items from a growing creative community of users.

The best part is there are a lot of users with customized shops – some sell preloved items others their own creations and designs. You can follow and message with other users, share and like products.

Not convinced yet? There is no cost to become a member (you only pay a little commission once you make a sale)

Here is a 5 step point into how you can sell on Jumia Market :

1.Download the app  or visit Jumia Market

You can download the app from App store or Google play or simply visit the site at HERE. The site is optimized for mobile, so it’s super easy to use.


2.Sign up

Signing up is very easy. I suggest using your social media account like Facebook, but you can also use an e-mail address. Make sure to enter your address and phone number, so you can start selling right away (Only users with address/phone number can sell).  Do not forget to come up with a catchy shop name, a good description and an interesting profile picture. Below is screenshot of my shop!


3. Take awesome pictures

Show how awesome your products are by taking cool pictures. Good photos sell faster! Good pictures often use natural sunlight, avoids clutter in the background, are sharp & crisp and uses different angles and props to get creative. Make the images on your shop as uniform as possible to create that visual appeal. Below are some winner examples.

4. Description and pricing 

Describe what is special about your product. Aim is to inspire by providing cool facts & details. Is it second hand, is it organic, is it handmade, does it have a stain on it? Include EVERYTHING!


5. Share your shop with others

Promote your shop on all your social media platforms proudly – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs – anywhere! People cannot buy if they don’t know you have a shop, can they?

Now that you are ready, make sure to share your shop name under comments. More importantly have FUN!

Make sure to come with your gang on the 28th of May at The Alchemist Bar, Parklands road for the Jumia Market launch event. Simply download the Jumia Market App for free entry.