Lake Elementaita Sunset

As the sun sets behind us, the faint pink glow of the incandescent light irradiates the blue sky leaving us breathless.

Often the phrase, “where the heart”, identifies home for me.
I have a lot to say about a place like this, and more than most, I have seen my home. It is a place where love thrives. Where there is suffering and as much, there is peace. It is where I live. ”

Trees Rising in the Mist of Lake Naivasha

An early morning brings about the eerie mist of Lake Naivasha. A beautiful scape that taunts the facade of a horror movie

Where the heart is.

The incandescent light wavers from the candle. I sit alone in the room and watch it blowing in the wind. There isn’t much I can do to stop it from going out, but there isn’t anything to worry about, i’m home. I can see the stars from my window, the clouds are bustling by without a worry and the moonlight shines down onto the star studded ground littered with droplets of water reflecting the blue light from the celestial body in the sky.

It has been a month since I decided to start travelling, and my preparations were almost complete. I finally had all the tools I needed to document the trip in the way I had wanted.

As dawn crept in, I realised it was time to start getting my things in order. The day I had been preparing for was here.

An odd sense of melancholy bellowed and I began to waver as I fought the urge to play it safe and stay home.The pro’s began outweighing the cons even as I thought about it. It wasn’t going to be a decision I was going to go back on.

All it took was that first foot out the door.
I was on my way. The road beckoned, I could hear it’s enticing call. There was no longer any way to ignore it.

A lot can be said about travel in Kenya. There are always concerns of safety with the drivers on the road, hijacking isn’t as prevalent, and the on-road robberies aren’t too heard of either.

What isn’t too widespread is the information about the relatively inexpensive fare of the local “Matatu” transport system.

Travel from Nairobi ( Our Capital city in Kenya ) to the city of Nakuru is 4-600 Kenya Shillings. Depending on the type of Van selected and seat type.

A Dark Drive

Driving toward Eldoret on the Nakuru – Eldoret Highway we encountered a deserted stretch and the clouds just decided to show up.

Though highly unreliable in the past, the matatu’s are now fairly comfortable and safe as
long as you take the Shuttle services from one city to the next. They are committed to an excellence that is quite befitting the price as well as a luxury that isn’t common amongst the local public service vehicles.

The Shuttles do not crowd their vans, one person per seat, and they do as they say, which is Shuttle without any unnecessary stops such as to pick more passengers along the road.
They will even drive through the security checks at the start of the journey to ensure that the police have checked their vehicles of unnecessary contraband or possibly harmful objects.

All passengers are also checked for the same before the shuttle departs for their destination.

It is also noteworthy that the shuttles have now been fitted with a speed governer which attributes to their safety with a maximum speed of 80KPH.

Rift Valley from the Eastern Roadside

A stunning view of the Rift Valley as seen from the Mogotio side.