One of the most intrinsically shaped, beautiful and natural phenome- nons traversing through Kenya.

If one was to trek through the Rift valley, they would find themselves at the northernmost point starting in Jordan, stretching across through the heart of Africa, down to the southern most point in Mozambique. Discovered by John Walter Gregory in the late 19th Century, it was named “The Great Rift Valley” by him. It spans an approximate 6000 Kilometers ( 3,700 Miles ).

Mount Longonot as seen from Suswa Viewpoint

A view of the dormant Mount Longonot as seen from the Suswa viewpoint

While the Rift may seem to be one connected and distinct valley, it is in- deed a part of three different rifts. The Jordan Rift Valley, Red Sea Rift,and the East African Rift Valley.


The Magadi Rift

A View of the rift Valley en route to Lake Magadi.

The three are part of the Great Rift Valley, also known as the Gregory Rift. Aptly named after their discoverer.

Lake Magadi at Mid Noon

A View of the Soda Ash lake from the entrance to the National Reserve. During the migratory season, this is a hotspot for Flamingos and Pelican’s for the Algae and Mineral-Rich water from the Lake

Our interest for now lies in the Eastern Rift Valley, where the deepest part of the Kenyan valley lies just north of Nairobi ( Kenya’s Capital city. ). This is also where some of the great lakes of Kenya lie. Because of no drainage for the lakes, they are very high in Mineral content as the water tends to evaporate leaving salts behind.

Salt Flats at Lake Magadi

The dried out crystalline Salt Bed from the Lake’s water as it gets carried for processing at the Soda Ash Factory located at the lake.


Panoramic Magadi Rift

The Menacing approach of a storm as we look back at the Rift Valley from a view point near the Kajiado area.

Kerio Valley

A view from the Kerio Viewpoint at Iten. The vastness of the valley is evident and spectacularly displayed for all to see.

There are many ways to get in to the Rift Valley. Our interest however lies in the North Western route that would lead out of Nairobi traversing the ominously extensive trenches and leading us to one of the Great Lakes of Kenya. Lake Nakuru.