How can I authentically live the beauty of a foreign place if I keep the same comfort and routine?


I don’t think I’ve ever been early for a road-trip, at least the much I can recall, this time; I packed 10 minutes before we left, called Duncan, our guide, to confirm on availability at camp & set out for the drive.

Cargo transport in Kajiado

That’s how spontaneous my travels get sometimes, all dependent on planning as well as the level of preparedness. Magadi road isn’t as bad as it used to be now that it’s fixed; having left Nairobi at 6:30pm with slight traffic in Rongai we arrived around 8:45pm.

‘Salt hills’

Camping was such an amazing experience for me especially because my tent didn’t have any pegs and it would get really windy. My worst case scenario was waking up in the lake with the flamingoes which wouldn’t have been a bad idea. Although I believe I’m heavy enough to get the tent grounded. Surprisingly I got through the night.

Sunrise at the hot springs

From waking up to admire the sunrise after a 25 – minute drive towards the lakeside view point, to an hour of yoga and meditation and marinating the self in the hot springs, to going for a mini hike around the reserve, to reading and journaling on the safari recliner, it is safe to say that I had a worthwhile adventure.

Lex and Mekatilili


Hot water natural pool


Such beautiful views


Viewpoint Pano


Micro Springs

Reaching out x Maudhui


Sunrise View Point


Rear glow

Lake Magadi and the flamingoes


Duncan our guide

Points to Note

Carry an extra blanket; it gets really chilly at night.

Temperatures during the day could rise upto 40C, dress lightly.

You have the option to camp by the hot springs as opposed to the designated camping grounds in Magadi.

If you’re planning on any activities ensure you get that done by at-least before noon; the heat is unbearable.

The sunrise is magical. Never miss it!


Photos taken on Huawei P9 Lite

How was you Magadi experience? Let me know.