Ever wondered how well you’d get by traveling on public transport to different destinations on your seek for adventure? Well, we tried; not the best but its an experience totally worth it. Also reliant on luck, sometimes, or atleast the few times I’ve resorted to taking this option. You can either get a fair or worst encounter along the way, this one time; we weren’t too lucky, from crazy delays, reckless driving and inconsiderate drivers, we had it all. It was worth it though, especially Kakamega. Our initial plan was to travel all the way from Nairobi to South Rift Valley via Western and end up in North Rift. We however completed only half the circuit which included; Elementaita, & Kakamega (we decided to skip Nakuru).


View from our campsite at Lake Elementaita.




Channeling all the good vibes in the rain-forest.

Basking in the warm sunlight of Kakamega Forest.


So lush and green.

Surreal Sunrise

Atop Lirhanda Hill

The entrance to bat-infested Lirhanda caves which was once a gold mine.

Super cows! ? I have no idea how they climbed this high.

Trees of Kakamega Forest

Classic shoe-fie. No?

We hiked up for 2 hours so we could experience this beauty.

Dawn by Lirhanda hill overlooking Kakamega Forest.

Points to Note

  • For optimum convenience and accessibility, private transport is ideal.
  • Camping anytime! It’s affordable and fun , I mean, lodges are overrated.
  • Avoid touristy spots for better experiences.
  • Research on the weather of your destination before the trip so you can pack accordingly.
  • Kakamega Forest is divided into the western and eastern side, each managed by a different government parastatal. For wildlife, the Eastern part suffices, under Kenya Wildlife Service.

Little compares to the feeling in my soul when I embark. The combination of mystery, excitement, and opportunity makes me feel alive. I live for adventures.