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May 2017

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Magati Maosa

PEOPLE : MAGATI MAOSA Big on film photography and just recently getting to share his visual art on apparels, Magati Maosa will get your head spinning once he welcomes you into his world. We get to discuss his connection with…

Articles, Inspiration, People

Vivi Karia

PEOPLE:VIVI KARIA If you haven’t gotten the chance to meet  Vivi Karia, no need to worry as I have you covered. She is outright outstanding with her thoughts, vision, design and execution. Vivi Karia is pretty much the closest you…

Articles, Inspiration, People

Amy Muhoro

Images courtesy of Amy Muhoro + Darina Anstis PEOPLE :AMY MUHORO On the first feature of our new section:People, I’d like to invite you to join me in an intimate conversation I had with Amy Muhoro, better known as Amyvisuals, a young…